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Are you a social media lifestyle influencer with many active followers? Making money continuously from your following has never been easier.

1. You sign up once.
2. Share our super-cool content.
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1. We Create Daily Content

We create awesome daily content of super-cool stuff from around the internet, like this:

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2. You Share Content

At the click of a button, you decide the content that you find cool enough to share with your audience. Only what you want to share.

3. Make Viral Income

Get paid when anyone from your audience buys cool products in the posts. Your audience includes viral visitors who open the content from re-shares by your followers.
If (when) a post goes viral you could make millions thousands.

Also, lots of money to be made during popular holidays :)

We are also experimenting with video advertising for income.

4. Make Weekly Income

There's more. We send a weekly email newsletter with new content to people that subscribed. When your followers sign up for our newsletter, you will get paid when they shop for stuff from our newsletter. Again, this includes visitors who sign-up to the newsletter from re-shares by your followers.

5. Delight Your Followers

We create great content that educates, informs and entertains. Our content is also designed to be highly shareable and viral:

Note: Ratebob is patent-pending technology.